Wasted Youth canceln Show in Kroatien

Statement von Wasted Youth zu ihrer Konzertabsage:

We are sad that we have to announce that we won‘t play on this year’s Sick As We Are Festival in Croatia. We‘ve got some information about the band Ground Zero from Novi Sad, who are also playing at the festival, which makes it simply impossible for us to share the stage with them. We also shared these information with the promoters, but as they don‘t see it as a reason to kick out Ground Zero from the line up, we are forced to cancel the show.

One of the guitarists of Ground Zero used to play in a nationalist fascist black metal band called Wolf’s Hunger, who describe themselves as a patriotic black metal band with lyrics about Serbian mythology and history (what that means, you can check out in this Youtube clip ). Members of Wolf’s Hunger are also known fascists who founded, for example, the organisation „Rasonalisti Srbije“ some years ago, for which they were spreading flyers on concerts. Although that organization wasn‘t really active and doesn‘t exist anymore, they are registered as neo-Nazi organization in Serbia and their message is clear. Among other things, their program is about “natural order”, which is based on one-race societies, racial separation and repatriation of all non-Europeans and their descendents, no matter if they are “pure” or “mixed”. Homosexuality, abortion, drugs and racial mixing is strictly against the “order”, as it is written on their flyers. There are many other things they were promoting, but that’s not the main topic of this text. The explanation we got, why Ground Zero should be fine, is that the guitarist is just apolitical , as the whole band is. Is it apolitical to play in a band that is spreading fascist and nationalist ideas? The guitarist of Ground Zero can‘t be called even „greyzone“ anymore, he used to be active for the very obvious cause of Wolf’s Hunger, so he chose his side.

The guitarist was playing in Wolf‘’s Hunger, during the time when Ground Zero were taking a break and not playing, but that doesn‘t change a lot for us. Also, at the time when he came to Wolf’s Hunger, the “Rasonalisti Srbije” had allegedly already fallen apart and all those songs like Great Serbia had already been written and recorded so he didn‘t participate in it. For us it doesn‘t mean that everything is fine if he simply didn‘t play at the same time in these two bands and things are not disappearing at the day he leaves Wolf’s Hunger. The transfer of one from such band back into some hardcore scene should be a progress which should end with closing his connection with the people of Wolf’s Hunger and the right wing scene in general. We don‘t think that it is what happened here, because he was seen with Caslav, the current singer of Wolf’s Hunger, who was also playing before and who was actually personally distributing Rasonalisti flyers at their concerts in Belgrade, for example, as we found out. As a matter of fact, they were together at some concerts organized by Rebuild Collective.